Words can’t describe how happy I was that I had post this week.

I live in a student house, so normally the best post we get is the local pizza hut offers. However I knew this particular handwriting from a mile off. He’d sent me post. It took me completely by surprise. He hadn’t said he was sending anything but here it was, the most beautiful letter from my boy.

Here come the tears. Again.

He told me how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. He told me how he can’t believe how quickly the Army came around (we’ve known for months that he would be leaving, it seemed like we had ages).

I thought I’d been clever, I thought he would get my letter first. I’d written a letter the morning after he left so he would have some home comforts in his first week. Clearly he’d beaten me to it, as usual!!

The good news is he got my letter yesterday! His whole dorm made him read it out to them. How cringe. Nearly making your boyfriend cry in front of 8 other boys probably wasn’t the best idea. He loved the letter though.

Note to self. Tune down the cringe on the next one!

Cath xo


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